• 58th Street, Philadelphia, PA

58th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Community Outreach

The 58th Street project was a project that required creative solutions to address residents’ concerns and create safer traffic conditions for cyclists. The project area was located in a low-income neighborhood in West Philadelphia with a history of high bicycle crashes. To increase both neighborhood and bicyclist safety, the project sponsor and designer proposed a multi-use trail and the installation of lights. However the residents on 59th Street protested the removal of their parking lane and sidewalk for the construction of the trail. Working on behalf of PennDOT BASE was able to receive the approval from FHWA for the experimental use of green bike lanes and implement use of green lanes and sharrow pavement markings as a traffic control device for that residential portion of the project. This unique solution allowed the designer to use the existing roadway rather than taking the parking and sidewalk from residents and increase the safety of bicyclists traveling to and from the Cobbs Creek Trail on 59th Street and the East Coast Greenway. This context sensitive solution allowed the project to progress and create a solution that address the concerns of residents and increased bicycle safety.