BASE to create Transit Oriented Development (TOD) plan for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Harrisburg, PA

BASE to create Transit Oriented Development (TOD) plan for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Harrisburg, PA


PennDOT Harrisburg Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Project

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), in partnership with the City of Harrisburg and the Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority, is embarking on an exciting transit-oriented development (TOD) concept study for a $60+ million redevelop of the Harrisburg Transportation Center (HTC) and the surrounding Market Street corridor as a vibrant destination for live, work and play anchored by a multi-modal center. The study will promote the reuse and redevelopment of adjacent parcels, walk-ability and accessibility enhancements, sense of place, and overall economic development. The HTC, also known as the Harrisburg Train Station, is the western terminal point for all but two of the 28 Amtrak trains that serve the station each day. The service currently attracts more than 1.6 million riders each year and serves as a connection point for the intercity and local buses that also stop at the station. As noted by Governor Tom Wolf, “Enhancing Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure is essential to the region’s economy . . . State government calls Harrisburg home and we want to partner with the city where possible to improve the quality of life for its residents and businesses.”



Thom Webster of BASE Architecture, Planning and Engineering stated “This major project will be a great representation of the type of work BASE’s transportation team consisting of urban planners, architectural designers and economic developers are completing on the east coast.”

BASE as a project sub-consultant for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), City of Harrisburg, Harrisburg Redevelopment Authority and AMTRAK will be preparing a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) plan for the Harrisburg Transportation Center (HTC) and conducting a station area analysis which will analyze existing land use and zoning around the station to assess and evaluate conditions for the creation of a new Multi-Modal Facility that integrates related commercial and retail development opportunities. BASE’S responsibilities include performing stakeholder engagements, completing community design charrettes, assessing transit, pedestrian and other multi-modal circulation patterns around the station targeted area to clearly identify and create 3D design options that depicts how to effectively plan, layout, and visualize HTC’s expansion and redevelopment opportunities that are part of Harrisburg’s revitalization efforts to enhance the state capitol’s image as a destination location.


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